What is a "marijuana edible" and how are they made??

Edibles are food items made with marijuana, or it's oils, in them. GGL bakes a variety of cookies, fudge, cupcakes and the always popular brownies but also offers foods as diverse as Italian entrees and pasta sauces. There are also many recipes available for those who wish to try  making their own edibles and for those people GGL also offers butter, oils and tinctures for home cooking.

Eating raw marijuana does very little  since it takes a fair amount of heat to activate its medicinal properties. Before edibles became popular, people simply ground up marijuana and then added it to whatever food they were making. The resulting edible was pretty gritty and tasted strongly of marijuana but if you added enough you would feel the effect.

A far more effective way, and what we do here at GGL when we make our baked goods, is to use what is commonly referred to as “canna butter” or "green butter" in the recipes. Canna butter is regular butter that has been infused with marijuana by slow cooking fresh, clean plant matter in the butter until the THC oils have been transferred from the plant to the butter. The canna butter is then used in place of regular butter in our recipes.

The same process is used to make cooking oils which we use in our signature Italian GGL entrees and sauces. Olive oil, canola oil or vegetable oil can all be infused with the THC oils from marijuana.

Alcohol tinctures are prepared by allowing cannabis bud to soak in very strong alcohol (usually "everclear" or the like) until the the oils have been stripped from the plant and remain in suspension in the liquid. The spent plant matter is then removed and the alcohol is allowed to evaporate until we have a very dense, potent concentrate that can be used either directly under the tongue or in whatever food you like. Generally it's used to give concentrated doses in candies such as suckers and other hard sugar treats.

What do you use to make your butter, oils and tinctures?

We prepare all of our butter, oils and tinctures using only the highest quality trim and buds that we have grown ourselves and cultivated specifically for our products.

We started our plants from seeds and then gradually selected the most potent and flavorful to clone and continue on for production.

Because of the care taken in these early stages of the cooking process, you never have to worry about the purity or potency of the raw marijuana that went into any GGL product.

What is the difference between smoking marijuana and eating it?

Like every method of consuming cannabis, ingesting edibles has its advantages as well as some drawbacks over smoking.  The biggest advantage over smoking is obvious-eating something made with marijuana is much easier on the lungs than smoking but the effects of using cannabis are felt much more quickly when smoked than  when it's ingested.

Generally, if eaten,  you shouldn't expect to feel anything for 30 to 60 minutes, and if eaten after a meal it could take nearly two hours before you feel the full effects.

Something else to keep in mind when consuming marijuana in the form of an edible is that the high felt from eating marijuana can last 4 to 8 hours while the effects from smoking can wear off in an hour or less.

It's also a different type of high.  Eating cannabis produces a much more medicinal "body" high with an enhanced ability to relieve pain, increase appetite, decrease body aches, headaches and induce a deep restful sleep.

If fact the "knockout" effects felt from consuming THC can be so strong that our bakers at GGL came out with a new flavor, "Cafe Mocha",  which contains coffee (caffeine) specifically added to counteract that "knockout" effect. Now, people who need to medicate during the day can do so without being incapacitated.

Can I ingest too much and what will I feel if I do?

One thing to be careful of when using medicated edibles is over consumption.  Always be sure and wait long enough for the effects to begin before becoming discouraged and eating another piece to try and hurry the process along.

What can happen is that someone eats a portion of the edible and fails to feel any effect for some time so they take another portion just before the first portion just starts to kick in. By the time the effects of the first portion are felt the person has actually eaten too much, and the feeling can be uncomfortable if you don't know what to expect.

Fortunately the consequences of a marijuana "overdose" aren’t very serious. You might become uneasy and feel anxious possibly even have slight hallucinations but not to worry. No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose and the more you take the quicker you'll find yourself in a deep, restful sleep with no hangover when you awake.

How do I figure out what dosage is right for me?

Slowly. It’s best to start with a quarter or half portion and then wait at least two hours to see what effect that dosage has before taking any more. In other words, start slow and gradually work your way up until you figure out what dose is right for you.

Once you've figured out the correct dosage for yourself and are satisfied with the effects, it's important to always get your edibles made by the same bakery so long as the potency of their recipes remain constant.

Unfortunately, a lot of edibles are baked by the co-ops, collectives or dispensaries themselves as back room projects, made with box mixes and whatever plant matter they happen to have on hand so the THC content can vary pretty dramatically with effects ranging from "none at all" to completely debilitating. In this case, figuring out the correct dosage for yourself is really a waste of time since there's no guarantee the next batch is going to have anywhere near the same potency as the last.

That's why every step in the GGL preparation/baking process from growing our own plants, to how we prepare our butters, oils and tinctures, to how much we use in each batch is designed to give you the tastiest, purest, most potent and most consistent edibles we possibly can.

Here at GGL we prepare and make medicated edibles. Period. We're not a co-op, we don't supply clones or smokeable medicine, we don't sell smoking accessories or grow supplies. We make medicated marijuana edibles for the MMJ community and that's all we do. And since we do it on a daily basis we're naturally much better at it than someone who's just trying it for the first time or even a co-op or collective that bakes every once in a while.

So if your looking for a reliable source for your medicated edibles, no need to look any further!! GGL is here is here to supply you with the purest and most potent medicated edibles with consistency baked right in. You can rest assured when you get a GGL marijuana edible you are getting not only the tastiest, highest quality products, but also the comfort of knowing that you can rely on GGL products to always deliver what you need without the unpleasant "surprises" that come with others baked products-and we guarantee it!!

We hope we've been able to answer most of your questions regarding the preparation, consumption and effects of our medicated edibles. If you do have any other questions regarding our products or the effects of consuming them please write us and we'll be happy to answer them for you. Until then......